“Simplicity is the ultimate perfection. ” 

Apple II, 1977


Energetic improvisations, groovy rhythms and electronic sounds and beats combined with an irresistible playfulness characterize the duo Tap&Bass.
In their performance “BEATS” the tap dancer Thomas Marek and bassist Kurt Holzkämper merge electronic music with acoustic instruments and modified sounds and rhythms of tap dance.

Inspired by beats, sounds and loops in electronica and minimal music, the two create exciting sound landscapes that masterfully combine with the virtuoso improvisations of double bass, electric bass and tap dance.

Deeply rooted in jazz, it is the love of playing and experimenting on the part of Holzkämper and Marek that gives this evening its musical depth and tension. For their performance and musical creations they use electronic effects as well as ordinary objects and materials such as toilet brushes, sand and metal plates.

BEATS is a concert format that bridges the gap between concert and dance performance and is just as at home in a club as it is on a large theatre stage – an exciting musical evening that captivates the audience.

The great strength of Tap&Bass is the communication with the audience on their experimental journey through grooves, beats and improvisations.

Tap&Bass aka Thomas Marek (tap dance) and Kurt Holzkämper (bass) have been playing together as a duo for over 20 years. Together they have developed numerous stage performances and have performed worldwide, among others in New York, St. Petersburg and in many theaters, festivals and clubs in Germany.

TAP&BASS Demovideo “BEATS”

Live at Theaterhaus Stuttgart 2017. Internationale Jazztage.

Kurt Holzkämper Bass/Sounddesign

Kurt Holzkämper studied jazz bass, music production and music education at the Würzburg Conservatory.
 He played with Frank Kimbrough and John King (NY), Meschiya Lake (New Orleans), Johannes Enders (D), Daniel “Topo” Gioia (Argentina), the Brazilians Edmundo Carneiro (Tania Maria), Don Pi (Djavan, Tim Maya), Luiz Brasil (Gil Gilberto, Caetano Veloso) and the Cubans Regis Molina (Till Brönner) and Olvido Ruiz Castellanos (Cuba Nova) as well as free improvisations with Fried Dähn.

Concert tours to Russia, the Ukraine, the USA and Nicaragua form an important basis for the versatility of his musical work.
Jazz, Brazilian and Latin American elements unite in his bass playing.
 Television and big dance productions together with the tap dancer Thomas Marek, many concert readings with Grupo Sal and the actors Dietmar Schönherr, Brigitte Karner, Joachim Król, the Nicaraguan poet Ernesto Cardenal, the writer Gioconda Belli and the cooperation of the trio Azul with the actress Suzanne von Borsody in a programme about Frida Kahlo, CD recordings, documentary film and audio book dubbing, his many years of work as a musical event designer (DaimlerChrysler IAS Geneva) and his various teaching activities mark his active work as a musician, lecturer and composer.

The composition for electronics and band “Flaschenpost” with the large Jazz@Large orchestra was premiered at the Theaterhaus during the Stuttgart Jazz Days. In 2017 he was a guest at the renowned CAMP Festival for Electro-Acoustic Improvisation in Bulgaria.