“Paint as you like and die happy.” 

Henry Miller

For many years, the internationally renowned tap dancer Thomas Marek and the pianist and composer Patrick Bebelaar have been playing together in a wide variety of formations.
In their current concert program, they have dedicated themselves to the most intense form of making music together: the duo.
In their performance they blur the traditional boundaries between music and tap dance. They free themselves from classical song structures and mainly use improvisation in music and dance. All traditional constants such as timing, melody and theme are in a changing, kaleidoscopic flow.
Thomas Marek’s dance improvisations develop their own highly musical percussion language, in which the dancer functions with his whole body as a musical instrument. Together with the avant-garde, intensive and very physical playing of Bebelaars, an intense combination of dance, movement and music emerges.

Bebelaar & Marek Free Improvisation #6

Patrick Bebelaar Pianist / Composer

Patrick Bebelaar is one of Germany’s most renowned pianists. In 2000 he was awarded the Baden-Württemberg Jazz Prize and composed on behalf of the International Bach Academy (2002 / 2005 / 2008), the German Literature Archive and many others.

His CDs have received international awards (including the German Record Critics’ Prize, Critics’ Prize and the New York City Jazz Record Magazine: “Album of the year”).

 He has worked for many years with international colleagues such as Michel Godard, Joe Fonda, Gavino Murgia, Günter “Baby” Sommer, Akardy Shilkloper, Johannes Enders, Carol Rizzo, Wolfgang Puschnik, Herbert Joos, Günter Lenz, Pandit Prakash and Pandit Vikash Mahraj and others.

Bebelaar has appeared with writers such as Peter O. Chotjewitz, Peter Härtling, Adonis, Oskar Pastior, Jusuf Naoum, Vincent Klink and Wiglaf Droste. 

“…He condenses his playing to frenetic attacks, to complex nested rhythms and sharply pointed harmonies. In Bebelaar’s art, the late-romantic virtuoso vocabulary of a Scribblin and Rahmaninov, which is proliferating in proliferation, is even continued, intensified at the peak of unleashed intoxication.”
Rainer Köhl, die Rheinpfalz, 26.4.01


“…avant-garde playing techniques and respectful continuation of tradition.”
Stuttgarter Zeitung


Patrick Bebelaar is one of the best pianists of the republic and enchants the audience again and again with his amazing technical maturity combined with his soft touch and great virtuosity.
Peter Bastian, 16.3.2012 Badische Neuste Nachrichten


“… The musician doesn’t say a word, by the way – he just wants to play. And how he does it: as a duet and especially as a soloist for jazz standards or his own compositions – this brilliant tango! – he works on his grand piano with virtuoso vehemence. But every note knows exactly that it is meant and only it!
Rupert Kopphold, Stuttgarter Zeitung, 21.3.2012


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