Thomas Marek Quartett

Thomas Marek Quartett

Piano, bass, drums and feet: dance event or jazz concert? The question does not arise.
When tap dancer Thomas Marek plays with his band, music becomes visible, the percussive sounds of his taps merge with the arrangements and improvisations of his band.
A tap dance show as a concert.
 Matthäus Winnitzki (piano), Stefan Dahm (drums), Tilman Oberbeck (bass), and Thomas Marek (tap dance) continue a tradition of jazz and tap dance without dwelling on the traditions. On the contrary: the desire for something new drives them straight to the origins of jazz – powerful, passionate, disrespectful. 
Quiet sounds lead to sparkling grooves and elegant swing, in the captivating interplay of dance and music that become one in Thomas Marek’s quartet.
This is the distinctive feature of this formation: the lively communication with each other and with the audience, which bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary jazz. Musicians and dancers challenge each other to overcome boundaries and make every performance an adventure.

“Thomas Marek not only danced to the music, but was a soloist of a band that had a tap dancer in the first row instead of a saxophonist. Thomas Marek brings an old art to new life”.
Werner Stiefele, Stuttgarter Zeitung


“celebrated with breathtaking precision…. Everything that ever was jazz or is today sparkles.”
Frankfurt Neue Presse


“Admittedly not a mere and pale copy of Fred Astaire: the Ludwigsburg native develops this American dance form further. Loose, light and crafty, musical through and through – this is how Thomas Marek presents himself”.
Hans Kumpf, Jazz Podium

The Band:
Matthew Winnitzki piano
Stefan Dahm drums
Tilman Oberbeck bass
Thomas Marek tap dance