Professional Tap Training 5 Weekends, Berlin 2018
February – June 2018 at BlueTap Studio Berlin

Based on my original one month Professional Tap Dance Training in Hamburg I will start this new workshop format in Berlin in 2018. Once a month, from February to June 2018, I will work intensively with a group of students on perfecting and refining their skills and approach to tap dance. Each month we will cover one main topic and explore it to the maximum level.

Each weekend consists of 14 hours of teaching, coaching and practicing. Hours will be from 10 am to 6pm with a one hour lunch break on Saturday and Sunday.

On some weekends we will work together with musicians.

Dates & Topics:

10. & 11. February : „Strong and Solid Fundamentals“. Solid technical & musical fundamentals are important to really get to a higher level in your dancing. We will revisit basic techniques and rhythms that will make you a strong jazz and rhythm dancer.

10. & 11. March : „Sophisticated Rhythms and Technique“. This time we will focus on more sophisticated rhythmical structures in jazz and tap dance. We will learn about jazz phrasing, articulation, displacements, sound, subdivisions and polyrhythms in tap.

7. & 8. April : „Deep into the Music“ with a guest teacher & musician. We will focus on how the understand music and communicate with musicians on a deeper level. Get a deeper understanding of different jazz forms like blues, rhythm changes and swing forms. We will talk about communicating ideas with musicians and how to speak the same language. We will work with a guest teacher and musician who will teach their understanding of music and work and play together with us.

19. & 20. May : „Improvisation & the Art of Free Play“. This weekend is all about improvisation and how to get better at it. We will put all our material from the previous sessions to work. We will talk and learn about mental and technical obstacles in improvisation and how to conquer them. On Sunday we will work with musicians for real life practice.

9. & 10. June : „Choreography & Artistic Development“. On our last date we will get into choreography in tap dance and how we can develop and expand our artistic visions and make them come to life. We will talk about artistic means of expression as well as technical obstacles and solutions for our ideas.

Costs & Registration:

This teaching program is targeted at the semi professional or professional dancer who is looking for a way to improve their set of skills and develop new ideas. Level intermediate advanced and better.

The workshop series is only available as a whole package, 5 weekends in total. Group size is limited.

The total cost is € 1000.- for the whole series. An early bird rebate is available until Nov. 30th for a reduced price of € 850.-

If you are interested in joining this program, please email me at