Welcome to Footprints Summer Fest. From July 13th to 15th Studio Footprints hosts it’s first International Tap Dance Festival, offering workshops with world class teachers, Jam Session and lecture demo.

Featured Artists:

Leela Petronio, Josh Hilberman, Kurt Albert, Cordula Decker, Thomas Marek

  • Friday July 13th: Welcome Party at Studio Footprints
  • Saturday July 14th: Full day of tap workshops & Jam Session with live Band in the evening
  • Sunday July 15th: Full day of tap workshops & Lecture Demo by Kurt Albert and faculty

Levels & Workshops:

All workshops are taught at Studio Footprints and Studio La Cajita. Both studios are in the same building and floor. Stresemannstraße 374 B, 22769 Hamburg.

We want students to have a great learning experience by studying with all of our featured artists. Each teacher will cover a specific topic in each track/level.

The beginner workshop is taught by Cordula Decker & Thomas Marek.
The Beginner Int., Intermediate and Advanced tracks are taught by Josh Hilberman, Leela Petronio, Kurt Albert and Thomas Marek.

For more information, prices and registration please visit our website.