Thomas Marek


Thomas Marek has been a leading artist for contemporary tap dance in Germany and Europe for the last 25 years.
In his work he is blending traditional and modern forms of tap dance and jazz music with contemporary musical and theatrical elements.

Current Projects:

“To work with Thomas was one of the most fun and challenging experiences of my dance career.
It was a secure environment and he built up trust to collaborate and search for expressions through the dance. This process was really challenging for me.¬†I had to work hard to overcome my fears, but in the end it was very rewarding and I felt I took a big step as an artist.”
Daniel Larsson

Tap Dancer / Swing Dancer


Official Video Tap&Bass “BEATS”

Bebelaar&Marek “Improvisation #1”

NOLA Final Scene “Who Dat”

NOLA “Phoenix 1”

Thomas Marek & Band

DRAMA “Jazz & Cocktails”